design. create. love. 

Gather a group of friends for a fun night (or morning) of design, creativity, and painting!

Gustin Creative DIY painting workshops are a fun way to join others  in collaborating on design and enjoying different ways of mixing paint and stains - plus, you get to leave the workshop with something beautiful and unique that you made! 

Interested in hosting a corporate or private workshop? There is an 8 person minimum, and custom designs are available. 


Contact me at and we can arrange a fun workshop for your friends or colleagues. 


Due to prep required, no cancellations can be accepted within 72 hours of the workshop; if you must cancel, click here to contact me so we can make alternative arrangements.

Please note:

Since each piece is custom made and unique, there may be variations in wood depth, grain pattern, etc. This is expected using natural wood products and adds character and natural beauty to your piece!